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About Cha Cha the Clown

Cha Cha is a multi-skilled artist/performer/mime/clown that wants to bring a little Cha Cha Fun to your event, reunion, school, church, wedding, grand opening, or party. She has been performing most of her life and spent many years as a preschool teacher. One magical day her love for children and her love for the arts came together and she began her journey as a professional children’s entertainer in 1991. Prior to her work as a clown, she studied and performed mime since 1977. Cha Cha is currently the director of (COAI) Clowns Of America International and Director of Joeys for Clowns of America International. If you don’t need a clown, maybe consider a mime show or a non-clown balloon artist. She also teaches mime and clown workshops to students of all ages. Her flexible style helps her to fit the needs of your Family Friendly Event, School, Day Care or Nursing Home.
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Services by Cha Cha Serving Clackamas County and Surrounding Areas

Why did the clown cross the road? To get the rubber chicken.

For small or large groups.

Birthday Parties

For small or large groups.
Close Up Entertainment

Grand Openings

Close Up Entertainment
Walkie, Talkie, and Entertain

Venues & Events

Walkie, Talkie, and Entertain
Splash . Cha Cha

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